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DATE: December 12, 2020

WEIGH-INS: 7-8:30am



     Women: Lightweight <140lbs, Middleweight <180lbs, Heavyweight >180lbs

     Men: Lightweight <175lbs, Middleweight <231lbs, Heavyweight >231lbs


     Atlas Stones - 4 stone platform. Tacky allowed. 90sec time limit to compete 4 stones. Fastest time wins – if they fail to lift all the stones, the number of stones and the time taken to load them is recorded.

     Conan's Wheel - Athlete must pick up a heavy weight that pivots around a fixed point and complete as many rotations as possible. Multiple drops allowed, 60sec time limit.

     Car Deadlift - Judge will give down command after lockout is complete. 60sec time limit.

     Axl Clean/Press - Athlete must wait for “down” command. Max reps, 60sec time limit.

     Truck Pull - Athlete will have 60 seconds to pull the truck 60ft. Once the athlete touches the line, time stops. If athlete fails to reach 60ft, distance will be recorded.

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