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"This isn't the bullshit stuff you hear on social media. These aren't fake stories told by fake people. THESE are the chronicles of life."

The Valhalla Chronicles are Valhalla's way of reaching out to a broader, more vast majority of people to spread the message I preach on a daily basis. This has been something people have asked for over the years and we're excited to finally make it happen. This will be a much more detailed and informative source for motivation, inspiration, and advice on how to navigate countless topics pertaining to life, success, relationships, etc, as compared to our social media pages. We will have solely audio and audio/video recordings for you guys, depending on which platform you prefer. The show will offer three different types of episodes: traditional podcast format, with or without a guest, which will range from 45 minutes to over and hour for you guys really looking to dive deep into a particular topic; a quick 12 to 15 minute shot of motivation to keep you guys focused and moving forward; and finally a Q&A episode where we'll answer questions you guys submit on virtually any topic you have questions regarding.

Strap in guys. If you enjoy the content we put out on social media, you're guaran-fucking-teed to enjoy what we have in stock for you here. To submit questions for our Q&A episodes, fill out the form on our "Contact Us" page and put "Valhalla Chronicles Q&A" in the subject line.


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