Valhalla is Louisiana's FIRST and ONLY private, hardcore, training facility among an abundance of mediocre  corporate gyms. We have created an environment for those serious about their health and fitness goals, without the distracting shit found at other gyms. Those who deter from the environment by bringing drama and bullshit to the gym and/or viewing their time here as a "social hour," do not and will not belong. 

This is an privately owned gym and operates along old-school American values. Here, you are a part of something bigger. Everyone here is an individual piece of the great machine that is Valhalla.  Each member supports the other and everyone is here to bring each other up. This facility is for YOU, our members. 


We provide specific, hand-picked equipment for bodybuilding, powerlifting, strongman, agility training, and any other fitness goals. Our monthly equipment expansion and improvement fee is built into each membership. We continually add new equipment multiple times each year.

Services Offered

-private, 24hr, hardcore training facility

-wide array of selectorized and plate loaded machines

-powerlifting training area

-full strongman training area

-state-of-the-art posing room

-no contract membership, no "initiation fee," no "cancellation fee," no bullshit

Weekly Promotions


Train From Outta Town - If you're in town and serious about training, this is the place for you! People from out of town train for FREE any day, everyday.