Valhalla is a PRIVATE training facility where only the dedicated, disciplined, and determined attain Full Status Membership. Our goal is to provide a facility like no other, catering only to those who demand results from their training and are serious about their health and fitness goals. Whether you're an elite level bodybuilder, power lifter, strongman, athlete, or everyday person trying to stay in shape, our environment, equipment, and members will help you exceed your goals.


All new members MUST purchase a 3 month Trial Membership. At the conclusion of the trial, the member is either declined further membership or accepted as a Full Status Member for the length of their choosing. This decision is made by a membership committee, based on the attitude, intensity, and work ethic each member brings to the facility. Those who view their gym as a social club, photography studio for selfies, bring their drama/bullshit to the facility, and deter from the environment we’ve created at Valhalla, will be denied Full Status Membership.


Trial Membership

$150 paid in full or $50 drafted for 3 months **

Single Membership

$50/month paid in full (3, 6, 9, or 12 months) **

or $50/drafted monthly (NO CONTRACT) **


$20/month per add-on **




Details (this is the fine print shit you should read)

*$5/month of each membership goes toward "Equipment Improvement.” This fee goes into a separate account for the maintenance of existing and purchasing of new equipment each year.

*6 & 9 month paid in full membership get an additional month free, 12 month paid in full membership get an additional 2 months free.

*add-on's must be a spouse or child living at the same address

*drafted memberships can be cancelled at any time prior to the end of the month.

*paid in full memberships are non-refundable

** Taxes not included